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  • AES is now available in Czech language only. It is possible to translate it into other languages on request. For other languages the price is individual, please contact us at: asynchronous.elearning@elearnsys.eu


  • Basic asynchronous e-learning system:

    It includes main parts of this system - essential modules, functions and training.

  • Tests - Elaborate test evaluation. Ordinary or picture tests with multiple choice (selection or 2-4 check). Tests may have several variations to help students with educational disorders. (more in Reduction of the influence on students educational disorders)
  • Study materials - Individual storage of e-learning study materials for each school subject separately. All materials can be hidden or shown for a limited time.
  • Electronic class list - It includes classification and grades from all school subjects. Percentage achieved is re-counted to classification scale. The scale can be set up individually for each school subject. There are several types of classification from e-learning, written, verbal or "others" as a class activity, homework, etc.
  • Classificatory summary - It is designed to display classificatory summary of students in school subjects. It allows changes in classification, fast access to all students grades in the course or group. This is helpful on parental meetings or while closing classification.
  • Automatic messages about missed tests - System generates automatic message to each student who misses some of the system tests. The same message is also sent to the teacher including a list of students missing the test. It is also possible to send messages among users. This message system may be extended by buying a separate extension. This extension enables sending messages to groups of users or classes along with copies to users private e-mail addresses.
  • Users pictures - Users can have a personal picture (photo). Students can choose own picture and even insert some. All picture setting may be limited or disabled.
  • Tutorial for students - Each student has on his account simple guide how to use the system and set it to his contentment.
  • Administrator training - Individual training of a future school system administrator who will be in charge of the system.
    Price: €1 200
  • Additional system moduls:
  • NEW MODULE! Schedules - This module includes all schedule requirements on different types of schools. Divides weeks on even and odd both according to ISO specification ISO 8601 and start of a school year (depends on setting). It is possible to display schedules separately for classes, teachers or students. Part of module also includes module for generating teachers' substitution. It automatically displays teachers available for the hour and makes provision for different criteria and limitations for current day.
    Price: €239
  • NEW MODULE! Enlargement of system messages options - This module enables to send copies of all messages to private e-mails and extends possibilities of distribution of these messages to the different groups, classes or users.
    Price: €60
  • E-library - Sophisticated books and loans evidence in a school library. It includes counting of late returns and barcode utilization.
    Price: €430
  • Homework Vault - This module enable hand in projects, papers and homework directly through system interface. Homework Vault is individual for class, subject and project. Every Homework Vault can automatically open in a set date and hour.
    Price: €230
  • Bulletin Boards - Enables discussion on different subjects from schools events to a homework problem solving. It is possible to use wide spectrum of emoticons.
    Price: €230
  • FTP administration of users disks - Module allows remote zFTP server administration and make data from school accessible on the Internet.
    Price: €19
  • Bill of fare/ dining menu - It displays actual week menu prepared at school. This script has also version that displays menu directly on school pages, without login required.
    Price: €60
  • Print charts - This module enable print tests from the system.
    Price: €60


  • Updating for 12 months:

    Error corrections and new system functions including all purchased modules.

    Price: €620
  • Updating for 24 months:

    Error corrections and new system functions including all purchased modules.

    Price: €860


  • Individual training:

  • System administrator
    Course includes training of a school system administrator who should supervise system setting, general serviceability and logical system diagram.
    Price: €430
  • Teacher
    Course focused on functions designed for teachers includes training of one school employee. He will be able to help other teachers and school employees learn all system function they could use.
    Price: €300
  • Group training:

  • Teachers
    Course focused on functions designed for teachers includes training of a group of school employees. Multimedia room equipped with appropriate number of computers and possibly also with data projector is needed for this course. For the best efficiency we do not recommend to train more than 25 employees at the same time. It is suggested to divide people to at least two groups if the number exceeds 25 (division into groups is included in the course price).
    Price: €730
All prices include taxes.